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About rhaw

Rayn Health and Wellness presents "Not Your Average Doula!" Doula Training Program is a comprehensive and transformative educational initiative, founded by Raynecia Chisolm, a dedicated US Navy Hospital Corpsman Veteran turned Registered Nurse. Our program is committed to making a positive impact on maternal healthcare, particularly in women of color. We strive to decrease the maternal mortality rate and improve maternal health outcomes by providing full spectrum doula training to compassionate and skilled doulas.


Mission Statement


Our mission at Rayn Health and Wellness is to empower and equip doulas with specialized knowledge and skills to provide exemplary care to high-risk pregnant women of color during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. We are dedicated to reducing the maternal mortality rate and improving maternal health outcomes through our comprehensive "Not Your Average Doula!" Doula Training Program.


Vision Statement


Our vision is to create a future where every high-risk pregnant woman of color receives the compassionate support and care they deserve throughout their reproductive journey. By training a diverse community of doulas through our program, we aspire to be a driving force in bridging the healthcare disparities and achieving equitable maternal care for women of color.


Our Approach


At Rayn Health and Wellness, we recognize that every woman's journey into motherhood is unique and deserves personalized care. Our approach is centered on full spectrum doula training, which encompasses comprehensive support for pregnancy, labor, and postpartum, as well as sensitive care for pregnancy loss and abortion experiences. Our doulas are trained to address the multifaceted needs of high-risk pregnant women of color, providing them with the tools, knowledge, and empathy to navigate their reproductive journey with confidence.


Our approach is grounded in evidence-based practices, cultural competency, and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by women of color in maternal healthcare. We value diversity and inclusivity, and our training program fosters an environment that embraces cultural differences and honors the individual beliefs and choices of our clients.


By training doulas who embody our approach, we aim to elevate the standard of maternal care for women of color, promote positive birth experiences, and contribute to the collective effort to reduce maternal mortality rates in marginalized communities.


At Rayn Health and Wellness, we are committed to making a meaningful impact in maternal healthcare, and we believe that by nurturing compassionate and well-prepared doulas, we can create a brighter and healthier future for high-risk pregnant women of color.

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